Protecting our children

Protecting our children

Protecting our children

Thousand Oaks Acorn
June 6, 2012-09-22

Our schoolchildren’s “recommended books” list includes a book depicting child rape by a pedophile, and a graphic scene of penetration.

The book controversial book was deemed of important educational value by the Conejo Valley Unified School Board, with a single opposing member.  Where to draw the line?  What about video of Jews burning in Nazi ovens, or decapitations, or torture?

With friends like these on the school board our children don’t need enemies, and they are safer in the hands of hallway bullies.

Our family-oriented community values must have priority over Sacramento bullying and sanctimony.  I oppose banning controversial material.  What I will pursue is giving parents the right to opt-in and opt-out, as it is their legal right under federal and state law.

I have two children in the district: a son, 11, and a daughter, 7. They attend Weathersfield, which is an outstanding school, ranked among the best in the state.

The school feels cozy and familiar, like an extension of our home and community. Let’s keep it that way.

If you feel as I do, contact me immediately. We can stop bullying by Sacramento and bad judgment by some school board members. With your help we can get the school board to take back this unwise decision. You are not alone. Do it today.

Tony Dolz
Thousand Oaks

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