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This is how Tony Dolz will improve our public schools


This is what I will do if elected to the school board

I defend Parental Authority and Local Control of Schools.  I reject Federalized, One-Size-Fits-All, Assembly-line Top-Down Education.

I respect and defend Our Families’ Privacy.  I authored the legally vetted “California Privacy Opt Out Form” and secured Free Legal Representation for Parents whose Privacy is Violated (courtesy of an agreement with the Pacific Justice Institute).  I will not allow data mining our children.

No to Purchase of $14 million new high school for 196 students until after the November election and only if the bond passes.

I represent families of Public, Charter, Private and Homeschooled students on all matters affecting them.  I will give ALL parents a voice.

I represent teachers who want to teach and I reject the federal government’s notion that teachers will be test givers all day long, day after day.  I will Let Teachers Teach.

I support a 3% one-time cost of living bonus for district employees if the bond passes.  No student has ever being inspired by staring at a computer screen.  We have one of the best school districts in California because our teachers and classified personnel passionately care about our children.

I stand for the fair hearing of grievances before voting.  I believe that the Conti Family was not given due process and a fair hearing on the sexual harassment of their 13 year old daughter.

Tony Will Improve Our Schools.  Tony is Good for Parents, Taxpayers, the Local Economy and Real Estate Values