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Join Conejo Valley Parents and Teachers and Together Lets Ensure that the School Board Protects and Defends our Community Values and Standards

Let the Voters of Conejo Valley School District Decide . . . That is what it comes to time and time again. A choice between the elites deciding; or letting the People chose for themselves. That is why I am running for the School Board in the Conejo Valley School District (centered in Thousand Oaks, CA).  With your help we will gain a voice on the School Board.  Vote for me in the November 2012 election.


FIRST ISSUE (Visit often as other issues will be added soon)

School Board Superintendet bent on spending $3.5 million from a distric land sale to build a new high school.

We have a problem in the district. Let the voters decide.

We have a problem in the school district. If the tax increases pass in November, Superintendent Baarstad is going to ask the school board to approve spending $3,500,000 from the sale of district land to help build a new high school (Source: Jeff Baarstad, Superintendent).

So what is the problem? That $3,500,000 could instead better be used to prevent more education spending cuts. Even If the tax increases pass, the district still expects to have to cut the education budget by $7,000,0000 (source: Linda Bekany, CVUSD Business Services Assistant Superintendent).

Is there a better idea? Yes. Use the $3,500,000 from the land sale now to help prevent more teacher layoffs, increased class size and fewer teaching days. Then, in 2014, put the issue on the ballot and let the voters decide whether they want to approve a school bond to build a new high school.

In the last four years, the education budget has been cut over $30,000,000.

  • Over 200 full-time equivalent employment positions have been eliminated
  • The number of students per class has increased
  • There are fewer teaching days
  • Adult education used by over 6,000 people in this community has
    been cut by over $1,500,000

Will the school board allow you to vote on what to do with the money?  No, do not look for help from school board members.  In the last 8 years, the board majority has voted only once against the recommendation of the Superintendent.  We have a rubber-stamping school board.

Let's settle this in the November election. I am running for the school board. It's a choice between Baarstad's plan; or giving you the right to decide. Vote for me and we’ll use the $3,500,000 to lower this year's education spending cuts and then let the voters decide whether they want a new high school in 2014.

Join parents and teachers promoting a better solution, visit

Tony Dolz



School Board must recommend Reading Book Lists acceptable to the parents and teachers of Conejo Valley,
not the bullies in Sacramento.


School Children Exposed to Homosexuality and Penetration depiction

Our school children “recommended books” list includes a book depicting homosexuality, pedophilia and a graphic scene of penetration.  I’ll bet you didn’t know.  The book, Kite Runner, was deemed of important educational value by the Conejo Valley Unified School Board with a single opposing member.  With friends like these on the School Board our children don’t need enemies; and they are safer in the hands of hallway bullies.

Choosing “Kite Runner” as a recommended book by the CVUSD is wrong on two counts.  (1) The decision is based on politics and not education; (2) Our family-oriented community values must have priority over Sacramento bullying and sanctimony.

I have two children in the District.  A son 11 and a daughter 7.  They attend Weathersfield which is an outstanding school ranked among the best in the state. The school feels cozy and familiar - like an extension of our home and community.  Let’s keep it that way.

If you feel as I do, contact me immediately.  We can stop bullying by Sacramento and bad judgment by some School Board members.  With your help we can get the School Board to walk back this unwise decision. 

You are not alone. Do it today.   Contact Tony Dolz at website:

GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND SODOMY (Do not click on the link if you are under 18 years of age - inappropriate material)
Click here to view minor children inappropriate passages in the book)