CVUSD candidate good for schools

CVUSD candidate good for schools
Thousand Oaks Acorn
September 20, 2012 

I hope our community votes for Tony Dolz for Conejo Valley Unified School Board.

He will improve our public schools, which will not only be beneficial to our children but help the local economy and real estate prices.

I read Tony’s letter in the Acorn (Sept. 13). When the incumbents and superintendent endorse liberals for office that is strike one. Building a new high school using money that could be used to prevent more education spending cuts is strike two. When the California Department of Education puts the school district in program improvement because of a lack of adequate yearly progress, that is strike three.

That means you’re out. Time for another batter.

Let’s put Tony Dolz into the game. I bet he will hit a home run on the school board.

He has children in our schools. The incumbents do not. That is a big incentive to win the game and improve our public schools.

Regina Risolio
Westlake Village

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