Bring balance to school board

Thousand Oaks Acorn
September 20, 2012 

I will vote for Tony Dolz for school board because I think the board is politically biased.

According to Julia Brownley’s website, Nancy Pelosi and both school board incumbents running for reelection, Peggy Buckles and Betsy Connolly, have endorsed the liberal Democrat for Congress.

Superintendent Jeff Baarstad endorsed liberal Democrat Steve Bennett for Congress earlier this year (before Bennett dropped out of the race).

You dance with the one who brought you to the party.

The school board is dancing with the agenda of the Democratic Party. I would like to see parents and taxpayers have more control of the education of their children.  Lets keep partisan politics out of our schools and lets be fair and allow diversity of opinion on the school board.

We need Tony Dolz to bring balance on our school board. Tony will represent us, not dictate to us.

Tony also has children in our public schools. The incumbents running for reelection do not.

I am voting for Tony Dolz for school board.

Francisca Stipicevic
Thousand Oaks

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  • Mike Dunn says

    I read Tony’s plan to improve our schools. It will give more power and control of public
    education to the people who pay for it. Tony will bring some necessary balance to the board. We need him.
    Mike Dunn

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