Dolz for CVUSD board

Ventura County Star
September 17, 2012


I am voting for Tony Dolz for the school board. He cannot be more clear. He wants parents to play the commanding role in their own children’s education. Mr. Dolz has children in our schools, the incumbents don’t.

Mr. Dolz is involved day after day with his children and the teachers who serve the community. On the other hand, the incumbents without children in our schools, rely on second-hand and outdated information.

Being a responsible parent is appropriate and good and the proper role of public education is to support parents not to replace them.

Tony Dolz will give parents a voice, not dictate to them.

Nancy Pelosi and the two incumbents seeking re-election, Peggy Buckles and Betsy Connolly, have endorsed liberal Democrat Julia Brownley for Congress. Julia Brownley is from Santa Monica – a city known for extreme ideologies and freewheeling rich entertainment types.

The incumbents support the Democrat agenda that opposes local control of education, home-schooling, charter schools, parental notification, traditional family values, parental rights and vouchers. Tony Dolz supports parental empowerment in every form and fashion.

If you want to flex your rights as an individual and a parent vote, for Tony Dolz.

Francisca Stipicevic
Thousand Oaks

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