Common Core – What You Need to Know?

There is no escaping Common Core in the states that opted to give up their sovereignty over public education to the federal government in exchange for waivers from “No Child Left Behind” penalties and about $4 billion of stimulus money in “Race to the Top” funding.  You may read conflicting accounts of whether or not the states gave up their sovereignty over public education.  One single fact answers that question.  Who “owns” the Common Core standard and, can the states change even one word of the Common Core standard?  The answer is that two trade association in Washington D.C. own the copyright on Common Core and that the states may adopt or withdraw from Common Core, but they may not change a word of the standard.

California is one of those states that opted to take the “Race to the Top” funding.

There are measures that parents can take to avoid the most harmful aspects of Common Core, but before we talk about those, you are invited to learn what Common Core is and what it will do to you, the parent, and your children; and the teachers who will be expected to sacrifice their dreams in order to implement it.

A good place to start is by viewing the video (5 parts) on the link below:

You will be able to read what are your alternative on this website over time.  Short term, attend the Community Forum on Common Core.  The Forum on Common Core is co-hosted by the Conejo Valley Unified School District and Concern Parents of Conejo Valley.

Thousand Oaks High School Performing Arts Center
2323 N. Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks.


The speakers include well known experts on the benefits and harms of Common Core.  Among those speakers will be:

(1) Tony Dolz, Founder of Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley and father of two students in the CVUSD
(2) Bill Evers, Former U.S. Dept. of Education official and Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University
(3) Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita, Univ. of Arkansas, author and expert witness on Common Core before the U.S. Congress and numerous state legislatures
(4) Dawn Wildman, Attorney and National Coordinator for Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE).

Attendance is free and the speakers will take questions from the audience.