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Thousand Oaks Acorn
September 13, 2012


I ask you to vote for me, Tony Dolz, so that I can represent you on the school board. Here is how I will improve our public schools:

Reduce education spending cuts. I support using the $3.8 million from the land sale to balance the general fund and prevent more cuts rather than building a new high school. I support giving the public the right to vote on a school bond for a new high school in 2014. I will oppose the superintendent’s plan to build a new high school with funds that could be used to prevent more education spending cuts.

End the school board bias. The incumbents have endorsed liberal Democrat Julia Brownley for Congress. The superintendent endorsed liberal Democrat Steve Bennett for Congress in the primary. The Democratic party opposes vouchers, parent notification, charter schools, home schools and local control of public education. Who is looking out for the rest of us?

Protect our children. The district uses a book which describes the rape and sodomy of a 12-yearold boy by a pedophile. The school board should pick another book. I will protect our children. I have children in our public schools. The incumbents do not.

Local control of public education. Three powerful Sacramento special interest groups control public education. I will give preference to the parents and taxpayers. I will represent this community, not dictate to it.

A study session to improve our schools. I propose the district hold hearings to study why parents prefer home, charter and private schools to traditional public schools. Based on the study results, we then change our public schools to accommodate all the parents in this community.

Our school district has been put in program improvement by the California Department of Education because of lack of adequate yearly progress. I will improve the public schools, which will help the local economy and raise real estate prices. We can do better.

Tony Dolz will be a voice for all parents and taxpayers, including home, private and charter school parents.

Tony Dolz
Thousand Oaks

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