Tony Dolz for Conejo School Board

Tony Dolz and his wife Bettina are parents of two CVUSD school children. Their son is 13 and attends Los Cerritos and their daughter 9 is at Weathersfield Elementary.  Their children’s education is supplemented with home study, international travel and a multi-cultural multi-lingual home environment, where Spanish, Danish and Swedish is spoken.  Their son Dylan’s biological Dad is Turkish, and being a quick learner with languages, Dylan is fluent in both Danish and Turkish.

The Dolz family owns an online international business distributing natural organic homeopathic remedies and skin and hair care products.  Earlier on, Tony worked in a business development capacity in the technology and telecommunications field in Sweden.

Tony was born in Cuba and today he is a naturalized U.S. citizen.  Tony was uprooted from his homeland when it was overtaken by a Communist dictator and his band of collectivist, income redistributing central planning thugs. 

A short time after the Communist regime seated its president for life; and his cronies had disposed citizens of their God given Natural Rights, such as freedom from government infringement of thought, speech, religion and private property – education came in the crosshairs of the central planners.  As he became older Tony vowed never to allow individual freedom and privacy to be stifled.

Tony and his family fled tyranny with the help of the captain of a Swedish freighter that was docked in the harbor.  The family boarded and hid until the boat reached international waters.  The Swedish captain risked his life, so that Tony’s father’s life could be spared.

Tony lived in Spain for two years, two years in Norway and many years in Sweden.  Life and education in various lands served to make him aware that America is exceptional and that providence lead the Founders to set us on an unprecedented course of self-government with the greatest assurance for individual freedom and liberty.

His love for his adopted homeland has deepened as the years have passed. Participating in America’s continuing experiment with self-government led him to recognize that our Founders were indeed visionaries and that our future, if it is to be prosperous and offering the maximum in individual freedom, depends on strictly following the blueprint in the U.S. Constitution.  Our founders well understood that good and fair self-government required a moral and educated citizenry.  Tony puts a very high value on education for all our children.

Among the first misuse of power by tyrants is the undermining of the family, often turning children against their parents.  Tyrants dismiss the family as the core unit of civilization; and its ancient task of transferring knowledge, wisdom and values to their own offspring. The tyrant instead knows best how to shape the mind of the young for the purpose of fundamentally changing society – “for our own good”.  Parents cannot be entrusted with this important task, a tyrant would argue.  To this misguided ideas Tony shouts, “No, not while I still have life to live”.

In Tony’s strongly heartfelt opinion, education must be as the parents would have it; not as the central planners command. 

Education must reflect community values and standards because among other things, the community and the schools are sustained by the families that live in it and pay for it.  Parents want the best for their children.  Tyrants and central planner, on the other hand, are not interested in free individuals – what they want to cultivate are subjects.

Tony would like to join parents and teachers in the Conejo Valley to ensure that education remains of the highest quality and that the school board and the school system reflects the wishes, values and standards of the community and not bullies in Sacramento, Washington or international meddling regulatory busy-bodies.